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Art and Music Links For 08/29/2011

Ivan Bilibin
There are a lot wonderful images by this Russian illustrator on the Wikimedia Commons under the category of Tales by Ivan Bilibin.  The image below that I first saw via Suicide Blonde was my favorite.  It was from the tale Vasilisa the Beautiful.  You can read the full tale here or the synopsis here.

Vasilisa The Beautiful (1899)  *I love the frame too.

Sirin form the Bestiary (1905)

Kumiko Higami and more images here.
I love these!!!!

Virgil Finlay

Jun Kumaori
This is another nice new painting from Jun Kumaori.

Untitled Girl (2011)

I love this photograph.  I can almost imagine Edward Hopper taking a lunch break here from painting Chop Suey.

Automat (1936) by Berenice Abbott

Leadbelly - Goodnight, Irene


Gertrude Michael - Sweet Marihuana (1934)

Gertrude Michael

Harry "The Hipster" Gibson - Who Put the Benzadrine in Mrs Murphys Ovaltine? (1944)
Too funny!

Harry Gibson

Them - Baby Please Don't Go


Wild Flag - Romance via NPR

Wild Flag

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