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Art and Music Links For 08/08/2011

Anita Kreituse via Figuration Féminine
This is a great image.

Birth of Fire (2002)

AliCè's Flikr photostream - Alice Pasquini
These are amazing works of "street" art.  Can you imagine walking down the street in Rome and seeing one of her paintings on a wall or doorway?  Here's her website for more images.

Brest (2011)

Roma (2011)

New Painting by Jun Kumaori
I love her work!

Jam Stardust (2011)

Giovanni Bellini - Blessing Christ (1460)
I was browsing Renaissance paintings on Wikimedia Commons, and I saw this wonderful painting of Jesus Christ by Giovanni Bellini.  I remembered that I first saw it on a Pearls Before Swine album cover "These Things Too".  I sort of got my introduction to classic art from this group, who featured masterpieces on their album covers.

Blessing Christ (1460)

Pre-Code Movie Posters via Everlasting Blort
She was a hottie!

Ladies They Talk About


Kings Of Convenience - Boat Behind

Kings of Convenience

Albert Collins - Frosty

Albert Collins

Mister Magic - Grover Washington, Jr. (1974)

Grover Washington, Jr

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