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Art Links For 08/01/2011

Carlos Nunez


New Artwork By Audrey Kawasaki via Juuri

Charlotte Close-up (2011)

New From Shepard Fairy

George Harrison Poster (limited edition of 450, 65$, 18 x 24" proceeds go to UNICEF)


Woman Playing the Flute from Jogaku sekai

Postcard by Mizuno Hidekata

Spring Scattering Stars - by Edwin Howland Blashfield via sort of Trixie Treats

Spring Scattering Stars

Victor Castillo

When the Musicís Over (2009)

Kronos Posters and Lobby Cards (1957, USA)

Kronos Poster

Look Magazine - November 1938

Look Magazine (1938)

Japanese Magazine Cover (1950)

Journal of Kastoria (1950)

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