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Art Links For 07/25/2011

Irina Vorkale
I would like to see more artwork by this talented Latvian artist. More images here.


Mimi Yoon
I love Mimi's paintings, great eyes!

"live painted @EXPANSION, hummingbird nest ranch 07/22/11"

Becca Midwood
I like her painting below in particular.


Anarkitty (Emma Geary)
Cute, no?

Mirror Mirror

Selected Works of Amano Yoshitaka
I have blogged Amano Yoshitaka, but this is a good set selected by the artist Juuri.  There are more images here.

No Title Provided

Ken Reid - World-Wide Weirdies (1970s)
These are amazing images. Be patient, there are lots of images that need to be downloaded for this item.

The Horrifying Hot-Pot

Infinity of Nations
This is a wonderful exhibit from The National Museum of the American Indian as the SI.

Naiche (Chiricahua Apache, 1857–1921),
painting of a girl’s puberty ceremony
ca. 1907

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