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Art Links For 07/18/2011

Makoto Aida
I love his waterfall painting!

Picture of Waterfall (2007-2010)

Harakiri Schoolgirls (2009)

Rin Nadeshico
These are new images (2011) from one of my favorite artists - Rin Nadeshico.

Take My Eyes Off Of Today - Shadow (2011) *Note Rin Meets Hokusai

Aico (2011)

Satoko Nachi
I'd like to see more images from Satoko, but I couldn't find her site on Google.

Miniature Garden (2009)

Amalia K. Aradea

Free and Gorgeous Wallpaper from Amalia K.

Dance Child

Georgia Connections

Byzantine Icon (1100 circa)

Lost Rainbow Toad Found After 87 Years

A Toad Supreme, A Toad Supreme, ...

Irina Ionesco
More images on Flickr, here, here and here.


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