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Art Links For 07/04/2011

Dora Maar
I went to the Picasso Exhibit yesterday in San Francisco, and I really wasn't overly familiar Picasso's large body of work. Also, I didn't want to read any reviews before I went.  The painting that was my favorite (and it was hard to choose) was the Portrait of Dora Maar Seated 1937 (below).  Dora Maar was muse for Picasso and also a photographer and poet.  Here's a link to some of her photographs, photographs of her by Man Ray and also selected portraits of Dora Maar by Picasso.

If you get a chance to see this great exhibit, I highly recommend it.  There are more Picasso images here and here.

Dora Maar Seated (1937)

Here's another wonderful portrait of Dora Maar from 1937, which wasn't in the exhibit.

Dora Maar

Man Ray
Isn't this a great photograph by Man Ray?

Lee Miller en robe de soie (1930)

Suzannah Sinclair (1979)
This is Suzannah Sinclair's website.

In The Morning We Donít Know What To Do (1979)

Danni Shinya Luo
New work from Danni Shinya Luo.

Two of a Kind (2011)

Louise Black via Who Killed Bambi
This is Louise Black's website.

David de Lara, Model: Mandi Mayhem

Audrey Hepburn With Umbrella

Audrey Hepburn

Charles James Folkard


Iconographia Zoologica
I love owls!

Said Owl

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