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Art Links For 06/27/2011

Yousuf Karsh at the Met
This is an outstanding collection of photographs by Yousuf Karsh.  The collection contains a literal who's who of the 20th century artists, e.g., Miro, Calder, Ernst, Adams, etc.

Bridgette Bardot (1958)

Nina Sergeieva (1921-1994)

Two Nymph (1995)



Soey Milk

Peck The Deer

Lina Stigsson via Everlasting Blort


Natalia Vodianova photographed by Carter Smith for W Magazine, May 2002

Natalia Vodianova (2002)

Kukula: “Crecer se me ha hecho agridulce”
Recent Kukula images.

Betty Page Fantastique Magazine Cover

Betty Page - Fantastique Cover

Vampyres (aka Daughters of Dracula) (1975, UK)


"Dracorex is a dinosaur genus of the family Pachycephalosauridae, from the Late Cretaceous of North America."  This herbavore (weed eater) is also know as the "dragon king of Hogwarts".


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