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Art Links For 06/20/2011

Fuco Ueda
I'm glad to see that one of my favorite artists is on Facebook, but more importantly has posted some more of her wonderful paintings online.  I love the tints and subject matter!

Dawn (2011)

Piece Of Spring (2010)

Albert Joseph Moore
These big scans of these two paintings by Moore in particular are great!

A Garden (1869)


Laurie Mcclave
I've always been a sucker for pretty girls and owls.

Stay With Me (2011)

Forbidden (2011)

Natalie Shau
Natalie Shau posted this truly amazing, surreal, Pre-Raphaelite-esque photo of Alexandra Mazzanti and her son on FB last week.  She also has some very nice artworks since I last blogged her.

Alexandra Mazzanti (Dorothy Circus Gallery) with son


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