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Art Links For 06/06/2011

Toyohara Chikanobu - True beauty (1897)
This is an amazing scan of a beautiful Chikanobu woodblock print, I found looking for something else.  I don't recall seeing this one before.

True Beauty (1897)

U.S. West: Photographs, Manuscripts, and Imprints via Scout Report
There are some excellent images in this digital archive from SMU. I think I'm in love with Kaw-u-tz.  On the War Path looks staged, but it is still a remarkable image with the teepees, moon and clouds.  Finally, it's always nice to check out the cowgirls.

Kaw-u-tz (Cado) (1906)

On The War Path (1909)

State of Texas (ca. 1913)

Louise Brooks
I found this great image of forever popular Louise Brooks last week while looking for something completely different.  It's an amazing image, no?   I'm not sure who the original source is for this image,  but there are tons of her images now on Google, a lot more than there used to be, which is great for us Lulu fans.

Click for Larger Image

A Daughter of the Gods
This was the first nudie film made in 1916 with a major star Annette Kellerman.  Unfortunately, the silent film has been lost.  It must have been quite the sensation to see it with a full orchestra accompaniment.

Annette Kellerman

Hao Shiming

Hao Shiming

Cate Rangel

Cotton Candy

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