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Music Video Links For 05/30/2011

Big Mama Thornton - Little Red Rooster

Big Mama Thornton

The Beatles (John Lennon) - Norwegian Wood (This Bird has Flown)

The Beatles

Kronos Quartet - Waltz For Debby
I really like this cover of Bill Evans - Waltz For Debby.  I also like this version by Toki Asako.

Kronos Quartet

Green Shirt - Elvis Costello
This is a great song from Elvis Costello's best album Armed forces in 1979.

Elvis Costello

Radio Citizen - Summer Days (feat. Bajka)
I'll have to see Bajka perform if she shows up in the Bay Area.

Radio Citizen

The Whitefield Brothers - Rampage
I got a thing for this psychedelic funk music.

The Whitefield Brothers

A Number Of Names - Sharevar (Capriccio 1981) via NPR
This is considered the first Techno record from the home of Techno - Detroit Michigan.

A Number Of Names

A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray

A Guy Called Gerald

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus

Massive Attack

Prem Joshua - Funky Guru

Prem Joshua

Death Cab For Cutie - Home Is A Fire (video by Shepard Fairey and Nicholas Harmer)

Death Cab For Cutie

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