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Music Video Links For 05/16/2011

Howlin' Wolf - Little Baby
The first time I heard this song was from a white Blues group called The Siegel-Schwall Band, but Howlin' Wolf's version is the best!

Howlin' Wolf

Nina Simone - Feeling Good
This is my favorite version of this song.   The lyrics sound almost like an ode to mescaline.

Nina Simone

George Benson - Masquerade (1978 HQ)
Great song from the 70s.

George Benson

Dawn Penn - No, No No (GREAT QUALITY)
I love this song.

Dawn Penn

Bonobo - Nightlite (Featuring Bajka)
I need to find out more about the singer Bajka.  These guys are good.


Radio Citizen - The Hop (Feat. Bajka)
This is another group featuring Bajka.

Radio Citizen

Free the Robots - Jazzhole
Nice music and video too.

Free The Robots

De Phazz - The Mambo Craze
Time to mambo!!!

De Phazz

The Whitefield Brothers - Yakuba (In The Raw 2002)
I love that psychedelic funk music.

The Whitefield Brothers

Bubble Puppy - Hot Smoke and Sasafrass (1968)

Bubble Puppy

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