Art Links For 05/09/2011

Masaaki Sasamoto
I've blogged Masaaki's artwork about 18 months ago.  Here are a few of his newer paintings.

Orchid (2010)

To Equinox (2110)

Ma Yan Ling's
Here are some more recent wonderful artwork from Ma Yan Ling.

Ruan Lingyu (2011)

Audrey Hepburn (2010)

Décolleté in Art

Goa (Corset) 16th Century

Lucas Cranach - Portrait of Princess Sibylle of Cleve (As A Bride) (1526)

Palma Vecchio - A Blond Woman (1500-1530)

Another New Painting (Amy Crehore), "A Delicate Promenade"

A Delicate Promenade (2011)

Henri Gerbault

Ah, You The Crab Who Pinched My Calves Earlier! (1907)

no caption

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