Art Links For 04/25/2011

Jungle Girls
You have to love these scantily clad Jungle girls in distress.

Jo-Jo #18, Page 1 August 1948 - Tanee is the girl's name.

Rieko Sakurai
I love this image by Rieko Sakurai.  It would look great in my new place.  More images by Rieko Here.

Lars of Mars
According to the article, there were only two issues of Lars of Mars.  At least they didn't call it Jars of Mars. It also interesting to note that this comic was published by Ziff Davis, who went on to publish all of the computer magazines, e.g., PC Magazine.

Cover by Murphy Anderson (1951)

Silk And Polkadots
I love this photo.  It has everything going for it.  The colors are wonderful, the setting is serene and the girl is beautiful.

The General, Buster Keaton, Russian Movie Poster via Akubi Zone
This is an amazing Russian poster of Buster Keaton's great silent movie - The General made in 1926.  According to the Wikipedia: "The film was a box-office disaster at its original release, but is now considered by critics as one of the greatest films ever made.".

The General (1926)

PinkParasol's deviantART Gallery
I like these paintings, which are done in a Pre-Raphaelite style.

The Pond


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