Art Links For 03/28/2011

Jun Kumaori
This is a new cute little animated GIF from her KMR website.


Richard Sala and Richard Sala's Website

Richard Sala


 The Great Moment - Gloria Swanson Movie Poster

Gloria Swanson (1921)

K is for KANI
She's cute in her black bardot dress, don't you think.  I'd let her in my house even if she was a Jehovah's Witness!


Jessica Stam
Jessica looks like she could be a muse for Amy Crehore.

Jessica Stam

Artist Daniel Lim - Fashion Show
These are cute too.

Daniel Lim

King of the Cowboys

Trigger and Bullet Coloring Book cover

Album Pintoresco de la Republica Mexicana

Tortilla makers

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