Art Links For 03/07/2011

Abbe Lane

Abbe Lane

Adolf Hohenstein

Doctor Craveri's Matches without Phosphorus (1905)

Danni Shinya Luo
Here are newer images from Danni (since the last time I blogged this artist).

Youth and Her Glory (2010)

Etchings of a Puppeteer

The Unborn

Barbie Deconstruction by Margaux Lange via Yuko Shimizu
It makes me sad to think how many Barbies gave their lives for the artwork. ;-)

Winged Necklace

Tomahawk Comic Covers (1960-68)
These are fun, and another great post by Monster Brains.

The Frontier Frankenstein

Scott Hunt

Spoils (2008)

Pocket Watches by Joseph Cornell
These are great.  Nice find Amy! BTW, I went to a Joseph Cornell exhibit at SF Moma in 2007.

Joseph Cornell

Mattise Painting From Mica
Does anyone know the title?

Unknown title

Ruriko Braken - Japanese Princess

Japanese Princess

Better Homes and Gardens, April 1925

Haskell Cottin

Cherichictopia: so chic in an creme eyelet
What a beauty!

Eyelet Vintage Dress

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