Music Video Links For 02/07/2011

Mississippi Fred McDowell - You Gotta Move
Classic Blues.


Fred McDowell

Howlin' Wolf - Howlin' for my Baby
I always like this song by the Wolf, lots of howling.

Howlin' Wolf

Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (1964)
The original version.

Gloria Jones

Rufus Thomas - Walking the Dog (1965)
This song was covered by the Rolling Stones and too many more bands to list.

Rufus Thomas

Caprells - Close Your Eyes via



Rotary Connection - I Am The Black Gold of the Sun (1971)

Rotary Connection

India Arie - Beautiful Surprise
Nice love song.

India Arie

Yuja Wang - House of Flying Fingers
The lady can play.

Yuja Wang

Faster Pussy Cat, Kill Kill Trailer
Tura Satana RIP. 

Tura Santana

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