Art Links For 02/21/2011

Josephine Baker
This is stunning image of the great American beauty Josephine Baker. Wow!  I think this is the best photo that I have seen of her. 

Josephine Baker

Winslow Homer - Wikimedia Commons Gallery
I love his colors and subject matter.  The full Dinner Horn scan below is outstanding.  You can see the texture of the canvas and brushstrokes.

The Dinner Horn (1870)  Check out the full scan size.  It's amazing!

The Red Schoolhouse (1873)

The New Novel (1877)

Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel - Diane (1893)
I wonder what the original image looks like?

Louis-Maurice Boutet de Monvel - Diana (1893)

Karoly Lotz (1833-1904)
Very nice female figures.

Bathing Woman (1904)

After Bath (1880)

Tony Taka #184464
Cute no?

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