Music Video Links For 01/17/2011

The Beatles - Hey Bulldog (in the studio)

The Beatles

Broadcast - Winter Now
Trish Keenan RIP. She was just 42 and died earlier this week of pneumonia complications.


Broadcast and The Focus Group - I See, So I See So
These guys are really good.  Unfortunately, I wasn't made aware of them until I saw Trish's obituary last week.


Joy Division - Wilderness
Great band.

Joy Division

Stereolab - Wow And Flutter
I like this song and this group.


Akiko - Love Theme From Spartacus
I really like this version of this love song by Akiko.


Budos Band - Volcano Song
Great Afrobeat from Staten Island!

Budos Band 

The Besnard Lakes - Albatross (Official Video) via Motel de Moka

The Besnard Lakes 

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