Art Links For 01/10/2011

Marianne Stokes - The Passing Train (1890)
This is a beautiful painting by the Pre-Raphaelite painter Marianne Stokes that I had not seen before.  She is one of my favorite artists.  There are more images of her work available below and on WC and AM

The Passing Train (1890)

Devaki, mother of Krishna

Portrait painted in Slovakia during a trip in 1905 with Adrian Stokes

Near East Relief/Armenian Genocide Posters

Near East Relief Poster (1918)

Karen Abbott on Gypsy Rose Lee: A Thorny Story Laid Bare

Gypsy Rose Lee in 1931

Ramon Casas: Desnudos femeninos via Akubi Zone
These are some very nice nudes by Ramon Casas.  There are more images by Casas on WC.


Deseo Works via Cgunit

Samurai Girl 1

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