Music Video Links For 12/13/2010

Carmen Cavallaro - Acapulco
This dude could play.

Carmen Cavallaro 

The Shadows - Apache

The Shadows 

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing
This is one of my favorite songs by the great Jimi Hendrix.  It shows his depth as a musician and song writer.

Jimi Hendrix

Velvet Underground - Sweet Jane (alternate outro)
This is the album version.

Velvet Underground 

Steely Dan - Do It Again

Steely Dan 

Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody
This was a great song.

Chaka Khan

Opal - My Only Friend via Motel de Moka


Betty Boop Meets Dracula via Little Hokum Rag

Betty Boop 

Jingle Bell Rock: Literal Video Versions via Everlasting Blort
Too Funny.

Hal and Oats (sort of)

Eduard Khil - Vocalise
Let's all sing a long with Eduard!  (Just in case you haven't heard this gem yet.)

 Eduard Khil

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