Music Video Links For 11/22/2010

Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley (ES - Live 11/20/1955)
This is a great of the master in his prime.

Bo Diddley 

Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away (1957)
The Rolling Stones of course covered this song, but you can also hear the influence of Bo Diddley on this song.

Buddy Holly 

Muddy Waters - Rollin' Stone (1962?)
Another remarkable cut by Muddy Waters.

Muddy Waters 

Tito Puente - Oye Como Va (1963)
Most folks remember Santana's 1970 cover of this song by the legendary Latin musician Tito Puete.

Tito Puente

Perez Prado - Guaglione
Great music, but the video cracks me up.  The video says it was made in 1995, but the original film looks a lot older.

Perez Prado

The Doors "Love Me Two Times/Texas Radio and the Big Beat"

The Doors

Steely Dan - Rikki don't Lose That Number (1974)

Steely Dan

Elvis Costello - Accidents Will Happen (High Quality 1979)
"In 2003, this video was one of only 35 videos selected for inclusion in the Museum of Modern Art's prestigious "Golden Oldies Of Music Video" exhibition."

Elvis Costello 

Ramones - The KKK took my baby away (LIVE in Sweden 1981)


Ryuichi Sakamoto - Rain (live)
It's been raining a lot here lately...

 Ryuichi Sakamoto

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