Music Video Links For 11/01/2010

Louis Jordan - Let The Good Times Roll

Louis Jordan

Bull Moose Jackson - Nosey Joe

Bull Moose Jackson 

Big Joe Turner - Shake, Rattle & Roll
Here's a later version from 1966.

Big Joe Turner 

Little Walter - Too Late (High Def)

Little Walter 

Major Lance - Monkey Time

Major Lance 

Finishing The Hat from the play - Sunday In The Park With George
I read about this Stephen Sondheim song in a NY Times book review by Paul Simon.

 Stephen Sondheim

Captain Beefheart Click Clack & Grow Fins
These are two of the best songs from The Spotlight Kid. I love Captain Beefheart. He was kind of like a psychedelic version of Howlin' Wolf. He was an innovator of the blues much like the John Coltrane was for jazz . Unlike most bands of the period who mostly copied (stole) Muddy Waters et al, Don Van Vliet really understood the blues and added another dimension to the genre. BTW, Grow Fins is one of my all time favorites -

Captain Beefheart 

They Might Be Giants - The Mesopotamians

They Might Be Giants 

Elvis Hitler - Green Haze
This song cracks me up.

Elvis Hitler

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