Music Video Links For 10/04/2010

Little Walter - Key to the Highway
Playing with Blues Master Little Walter were Otis Spann - piano, Muddy Waters and Luther Tucker - guitars, Willie Dixon - bass, and George Hunter - drums.  This was recorded in November 1958.

Little Walter

Syl Johnson - Take Me To The River (Live 1975)
This is a cover of Al Green's original song, which was made famous by the Talking Heads in 1978.

Syl Johnson

Brian Eno - St. Elmo's Fire
I hadn't heard this song in a long time.  Still sounds great to me.

Brian Eno 

The Cure - Close To Me (original 7" vinyl single 1985)
There sound is timeless.

The Cure 

Vampire Weekend - White Sky
These guys are damn good.  The singer reminds me a little bit of Paul Simon.

Vampire Weekend

Blonde Redhead - Here Sometimes (4AD Session) via Motel de Moka
Great song!

Blonde Redhead 

Root for Ruin - Lets Get Out of Here via Motel de Moka

Root For Ruin

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