Art Links For 09/06/2010

Asian Art Museum | Shanghai Exhibit
I finally made it to this wonderful exhibition of artwork from Shanghai.  I've always enjoyed those Shanghai girl posters from the 20s and 30s, and they had the gems below in the exhibit.  Also, I had never seen a qipao or Cheongsam dress before, and the ones the had on display were beautiful works of art.  I also loved the painting by Tao Lengyue - Plum Blossoms Under the Moon, but I couldn't find a really good image of the work on the Internet.  Here is a small B&W image of Flickr.  The exhibit closed on Sunday 9/5/2010.

Jin Meishen - It Often Begins with a Smile via Bay Area Art Quake

Yuan Xiutang - A Prosperous City That Never Sleeps, 1930s via Boing Boing

Yuan Xiutang -Moonlight Over Huangpu River, 1930s via San Francisco Sentinel

Old Orient Museum
When I was looking around for Shanghai girls, I found this site, which has some beautiful scans. 

Three Cups Cigarette Company

Three Cups Cigarette Company

Impyreth Insecticide (Japanese)

Goncharova Ekaterina via Akubi Zone
This Russian woman is very talented artist, indeed.

Dream arbuzovoy turtles

Freestyle copy of Kunisado "Evening Snow "

KMR - Jun Kumaori
The latest masterpiece from Jun Kumaori.  I want it!!!

Flower Regrets

Taiyo La Paix
More fireworks and fish.

Sh˘san (Bloom, Fade), 2006

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