Art Links For 05/31/2010

Jean Francis Auburtin
This artist has a great soft sense for reproducing the female form.

Mermaids (ca. 1920)

Three Heads, Six Arms
I got to go see this in SF.  It's unreal.

At the Civic Center in San Francisco

Surreal Japanese Hair Dryer Ad
Weird no?

Fuji Ad (1971)

The Weird Love Makers
Including strip pinochle...

Japanese Film "The Warped Ones" remarketed as sexploitation film in America

Manuel Orazi - L'Atlantide

L'Atlantide (1920)

Happyland with Marguerite Clark
More information on actress Marguerite Clark.

Happyland Lithograph (1905)

Behind the Logo via Everlasting Blort

BP Logo

YummyKitty via Traveling with the Ghost

Kitsune And Prey

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