Art Links For 05/17/2010

Japanese Steamship Travel Posters
These are wonderful images from the early 20th century of Japanese steamship posters.

1910 Poster

1909 Poster

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright - Art Exhibit
This looks like a great exhibit at gallery Rog LaRue in Seattle, which features one of my favorite artists.  The theme of the show is also the name of a William Blake poem.

Painting by Sweet Yumiko Kayukawa

Isabel Samaras
These are terrific paintings.  I'd love to have the Bride of Frankenstein hanging in my living room!

Song of the Finch

Song of the Raven

Joshua Petker
I blogged Joshua's work some six years, and he's definitely getting better all the time.

Supernumerary (2010)

Contentment, Smoking (2010)

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