Music Video Links For 04/12/2010

Monty Python - Every Sperm is Sacred
This is great cinema on so many levels, e.g., the musical production, the Pre-Raphaelite-like setting and casting, biting satire and taboo subject matter.  These guys are the best!!!

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains - Live on Letterman (HQ 2008)
These guys from Seattle are really good.  I got to check them out next time they are in the Bay Area.

Fleet Foxes 

Spoon - Everything Hits At Once via Motel de Moka
Good group and a good song.


Quantic - Transatlantic
From their album "Apricot Morning".


of Montreal - Id Engager

of Montreal 

Sun Kil Moon - Moorestown

Sun Kil Moon 

Sarah Palin Network
Too Funny!!! I love Tina Fey!!!

Tina Fey on SNL 

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