Art Links For 04/12/2010

These are fascinating.  I love the one below.

Michael Hosaluk

Tamano Daisuke 玉野大介
These are exceptional works of art.  I love the colors and tints!

The Long Television Set

Ren Jing
I like these too.

Hide in the shadow

Roberto Alcazar
These are great.  I love the titles too.

El Monstruo de la Montana

Rieko Sakura
I like this one best of the small set.

I Just Want To Handel It

There is a lot of whimsical and fun merchandise on this Flickr site.

Baby Blue

Richard Throssel Photographs
A wonderful collection.

A young Cheyenne warrior

Pilgrimage and Buddhist Art
There are some beautiful Buddhist statues and paintings in this exhibition.

Jizo Bosatsu

Meaning of life
Just in case you are interested in the meaning of live.

Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

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