Art Links For 03/22/2010

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Propaganda Exhibit via Scout Report
This is an excellent though troubling exhibit of Nazi propaganda posters

Orwellian Style Hitler Nazi 1932 Election Poster

Allied Post War Poster - Emphasizing the Criminal Nature of Nazism
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Wang Xiaojin

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Mia Mäkilä - Lowbrow and Horror Art via Everlasting Blort

Momo The Sea Monster
[ ]

KRK Ryden

Sunday Drive to Hell
[ ]

Anne Owens

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Pacific Northwest Sheet Music Collection
Miss Spokane (Marguerite Motie) is a real sweetheart, isn't she?

Hello Miss Spokane
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Christian Nielsen via Cgunit
Great video production of a great song.

Royksopp – What else is there
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Twilight Zone Comic Covers

Twilight Zone Comic Cover
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Smithsonian Human Origins Program

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