Art Links For 03/08/2010

Dancing Women in Art - Wikimedia Commons
This is a  selection from an interesting collection on Wikimedia Commons.

Vanity Fair Cover by Rita Senger (1916)  Here's the original.

Alice White in Show Girl in Hollywood (1930)

Gaston Bussiere-Exotic Dancers (1880)
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Enoch Bolles
This is a second look at this incredibly talented artist illustrator.

Film Fun (1928)
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NYPL Digital Gallery | Turn of the Century Posters via Scout Report
I think I may have seen these before, but there are a gold mine of images in this NYPL collection.

Colgate & Co's Cashmere Bouquet

Feigenspan's Bock Beer

What went wrong with the American Idea? (1896)

Sunset (1896?)

Grolier Club Exhibit Poster

Bradley Book Poster (1896)
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Elevator Girls
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Wackystuff's Photostream via Trixietreats

Dancing Girl
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Minolta Ad
Wow! What a beauty!!!

Minolta Ad With Miyazaki Yoshiko (1980)
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