Music Video Links For 02/22/2010

Anna May Wong - Chinese Costume Party Pt.1 - 1937 Technicolor
This is a surreal politically incorrect color movie from 1937 with features the beautiful Anna May Wong.  I only watched part 1.  Too bad the movie isn't on Netflix.

Anna May Wong
[ ]

Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town (1967)
What a beauty!

Nancy Sinatra
[ ]

Art Blakey - Blues March (Live Japan)
The magnificent Art Blakey and friends live in Japan in the mid 1980s I think.

Art Blakey
[ ]

Benny Golson - Killer Joe
The great saxophone player Benny Golson performs one of jazz standards the he wrote and composed.

 Benny Golson
[ ]

Aaron Goldberg - OAM's blues
This dude can play.

 Aaron Goldberg
[ ]

The Specials - A Message To You Rudy via AmericaBlog
This is a nice ska tune.

The Specials
[ ]

Iggy Pop - Bang Bang
Iggy looks pretty short when he is shown standing by the redheads.

Iggy Pop
[ ]

Iron and Wine - Naked As We Came via Motel de Moka
I really like this song.  I need to listen to more of Samuel Beam's music.

Iron and Wine
[ ]

Sun Kil Moon - Carry Me , Ohio via Motel de Moka
I like this song too.

 Sun Kil Moon
[ ]


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