Music Video Links For 02/15/2010

Buddy Miles with Jimi Hendrix (Band of Gypsies) - Them Changes Live
Here's the album version. An Amazing song!!!

Buddy Miles
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King Sunny Ade - Ja Fun Mi
This is one of the great African songs of all time.  If you have never heard juju music, you're in for a real treat.

 King Sunny Ade
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The Sugarcubes - Cold Sweat
I still love Bjork!

The Sugarcubes
[ ]

Hepcat - Dance Wid' Me
Here's a nice dance tune for you Valentines Day lovers out there.

[ ]

Phoenix - 1901 (Live on Letterman) 18 Juin 2009 via Motel de Moka
In case you haven't heard them before, Phoenix is an alternative music band from France.

[ ]

Notwist - Consequence via Motel de Moka
Notwist is a great band from Germany.

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Hindi Zahra - Imik Smik (live) via AmericaBlog
Also, check out the Spanish (I think) beauty's video Beautiful Tango. Wow!

 Hindi Zahra
[ ]

Distance - Karsh Kale
Nice tune with Indian spices...

Karsh Kale 
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