Famous Monsters of the GOP

 Michele Bachmann Cartoon

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The Luddites Are Coming! The Luddites Are Coming! 2/22

Cheney Turns Into Blob At CPAC 2/20

NASA Science Lab to Search for Intelligent Life in Oklahoma 2/18

Teabaggers From Space 2/15

Miss Me Yet? 2/13

The Abominable Robot Snowman 2/11

Sarah's Puppet Master 2/8

The Treasure of the Senate Hombre 2/8

The GOP's Hate Card 2/4

The Hissy Fits 2/1

Wiretap Starring James O'Keefe 1/27

Scalia The Auctioneer 1/25

Obama Deports John Yoo To Iran 1/23

Senator Bizarro #1 1/22

Satan's Cheerleaders 1/20

Profiles In Timidity 1/19

The Adventures of Pig Fart 1/18

Love Is Hate! 1/14

The Village Idiots' News Channel 1/13

The Butt Sniffer 1/12

The Human Monster 1/11

Rudy O'Giuliani and the Little People 1/8

Brit Hume As Elmer Gantry 1/7

The iPhone Killer 1/6

Chatty Cheney 1/4

Traitor! 12/30

The American Quisling 12/30

Hoekstra: The Carnival Barker Of Terrorism 12/29

Panic In The Decade Zero 12/28

Floyd Grassley The Senate Barber 12/28

Palin Flunks Polygraph Test 12/25

Inhofe's Global Warming Solution 12/24

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