Art Links For 02/22/2010

Albert Aublet
These are wonderful images that were published in books around the turn of the last century.  I've included the links to the books which are archived on the Internet.  Check them out!

Morning (1894) from the book Salon de 1894

Juillet (1893) from the  book Salon de 1893

Le Sommeil (189x) from the book Le Nu au Salon
[ ]

La Cigale (The Grasshopper)
This is a recently uploaded image of one of my favorites by the great artist Jules Joseph Lefebvre.

La Cigale (1872)
[ ]

Michael Brack via Monster Brains
This artist/illustrator is very talented and also a bit weird.  More of his work is available here.

[ ]

Joao Ruas via Cgunit
These are great.

[ ]

Paintings by …tienne Dinet
These are colorful.

[ ]

Etori Kenji
These seem very unique to me, interesting concept.

Vanishing Figure Series #4
[ ]

Night of the Living Dead Bill Heinzman as Cemetery Zombie
I want one of these!

Bill at work.
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