Art Links For 01/25/2010

Byam Shaw - The Garden of Kama (1914 edition)
British artist Byam Shaw was born in Madras India.  He was a Pre-Raphaelite influenced painter and illustrator.  His illustrations for The Garden of Kama (1901 first edition) are outstanding.  I would like to have a copy with Shaw's illustrations.


Temple Dancing Girl

Less Than Dust
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Pipapiep's Photostream via TokyoBunnie
These are great!!!

Monster with Many Eyes

Monster Attack!
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Hiroshi Nonami 1 and Hiroshi Nonami 2
I like these, but I wish the images were larger.

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Pakistan's Decorated Vehicles via Everlasting Blort
There are amazing colors and images on these Pakistani buses.

Pakistani Bus #1
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Gilbey's Gin Ad for the Japanese Market
I'll drink to that! ;-)

Gilbey's Ad (1979)
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