Art Links For 01/04/2010

Great Blue Heron
I was walking yesterday around the Lafayette Reservoir when a little girl pointed to something she saw in the trees to her father.  It turned out to be a beautiful Great Blue Heron sitting in a tree looking for something to eat most likely.  What a treat!  I love seeing these majestic birds!  BTW, the reservoir also hosts the a lot American white pelicans from Salt Lake this time of year.

Great Blue Heron on the beach at Point Lobos State Preserve
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Yosemite in Art
Scientist John Muir preferred black and white photographs to paintings of Yosemite, but these paintings mostly by Albert Bierstadt are gorgeous.

Liberty Cap, Yosemite (1873)
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Olivier Zappelli
These are fanciful and colorful.

Diana (2008)
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