Music Video Links For 12/21/2009

The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole (HQ Audio)
This is one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time. 

Nat King Cole
[ ]

Louis Jordan - Buzz me Baby
Nice tune from the mid 1940s.

Louis Jordan
[ ]

Moira Shearer - The Red Shoes (part 1 1948)
I saw this movie last week and thought it was great, especially the Red Shoes ballet scene.  The stage sets, costumes, music and performers art woven together into a remarkable work of art.  I would like to see this movie on the big screen.  I highly recommend it on DVD.  Here's part 2.

Moira Shearer
[ ]

Muddy Waters - I Can't Be Satisfied (Live)
This is one of my favorite songs by Muddy Waters.  The song was originally released in 1948 too.

Muddy Waters
[ ]

Larry Williams - Bony Moronie
John Lennon was a big fan.

Larry Williams
[ ]

John Lennon - Merry Christmas (War Is Over)
Speaking of John Lennon...

John Lennon
[ ]

Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise (live)

[ ]

Norah Jones - Come Away With Me

Norah Jones
[ ]

Chicane - Saltwater

[ ]

Lykke Li - Little Bit

 Lykke Li
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