Art Links For 12/21/2009

Females Reading in Art - Wikimedia Commons
This is an interesting Wikimedia category.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Emile Munier - The Reading Lession

Takehisa Yumeji - Postcard Showa Era

Piero di Cosimo - Mary Magdalene (1500-1510)
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Emma Fordyce MacRae (1887 1974) and Art Inconnu
These are gorgeous!  I had never heard of this artist before or The Philadelphia Ten: A Women's Artist Group 1917 - 1945.

The Dress

Melina in green - 1931
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I had blogged Kukula about a year or so ago, and I was reminded of her work when I read this article about her upcoming show in the LA Times: KuKula's 'Immortal Artifacts' at Corey Helford.

Complete Exhaustion (2009)
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What Was Popular Mechanics Thinking? via Everlasting Blort
James Inhofe will need one of these when the sea level rises. ;-)

Modern Mechanix
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Shane Devries blog via Cgunit
These are fun.

Oh No, He's Eating My Birthday Cake!
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