Art Links For 12/14/2009

These are some wonderful images by this young Bejing artist.  I wish I could make Photoshop images that soar like these, but only in my dreams...

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Shiori Matsumoto
I blogged Shiori over two years ago, and it's nice to see that she's still creating excellent works of art.

Temariuta (2009)
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I wonder where this blogger finds all these vintage images?

A "Scarecrow" from a 1950 Magazine

Magazine Picture from 1950
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Ernest Clayton Collection of California Wild Flowers
This is a nice set of images from SFPL.  I love California poppies!

The Ubiquitous California Poppy
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Kristamas Klousch - Self Portraiture via Cgunit
I like these.


Meow in Underwear
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Michael Pacher
Weird, No?

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