Music Video Links For 11/02/2009

The Zombies - She's Not There
This was and still is a great song by the Zombies.

The Zombies
[ ]

The Doors - Back Door Man (Live 1969)
There is also this B&W Live version too, and this version by the master himself.

The Doors
[ ]

Tim Buckley - Song to the Siren
I had forgotten all about Tim Buckley.  This is a good video of him in his prime.

Tim Buckley
[ ]

Cocteau Twins - Alice
I always liked this band.

Cocteau Twins
[ ]

Miho Hatori - Barracuda
Miho was half of Cibo Matto.  This is a good song and interesting video too.

 Miho Hatori
[ ]

Stereophonics - Lying in the Sun (Live Acoustic)
Good song.

[ ]

Mothra Song, Mothra Song 2, The Mothra Song 3 and The Mothra Song 4
The Peanuts sang the original Mothra (Masura) Song in Mothra vs. Godzilla movie (1964).

The Peanuts (Original Song)
[ ]

Why? - This Blackest Purse via Motel de Moka

[ ]

Feist - I Feel It All via Sweet Heat

[ ]

Trans Am - North East Rising Sun via Motel de Moka

Trans Am
[ ]

The Tabouli Song
I love Middle Eastern cuisine and especially tabouli!!!

The Tabouli Song
[ ]


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