Art Links For 11/30/2009

Akiko Idjichi's Gallery
These are excellent!

Decadent Incense (2007)

Light Spots of Depression (2004)

A Muddiness Brain (2005)
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Fairytales and Dreams - Andreea Retinschi Photography
I can't believe how beautiful the red-haired girl is in the photos below.  She could easily be the subject for a Pre-Raphaelite artist like Evelyn de Morgan

Portraits of an Old Song #1

Portraits of an Old Song #2

Portraits of an Old Song #3
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Nguyen Thi Chau Giang
These are great too!

Shyness (2007)
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Temple Sheet Music Collection
"Music published from the early 19th to early 20th centuries, containing lithographed and engraved cover art. These covers show remarkable designs and document developing printing techniques throughout more than 100 years." Check out General Grant's Grand March, McClellan's March, and the surreal I Wish I'd Been Born A Girl (1867).

Ciribiribin : waltz song (1909)

The Lover's Letter Box (1857)
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Autumn Skye Morrison
I wish I had a fool like that in my house!!

The Fool (2006)
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Martine Johanna via Cgunit

Vannie (2009)
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