Art Links For 11/02/2009

Guan ZeJu
Guan Ze Ju is an excellent Chinese painter of women.  I just love the painting below.  His nudes and Degas-like ballet dancers are excellent too.

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Japanese Movie Posters - Revisited
They are always adding new images to Wikimedia.  He are two I liked.  Also, if you have never checked out any movies from golden age of Japanese cinema (1950's), here's a few recommendations to get you started, e.g., Rashomon, Tokyo Story, Ugetsu.

Miss Oyu (1951)

Ana (1957)
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Erin Currier
"As a medium for my work, I have chosen materials that are readily available: the refuse and the packaging of products produced and consumed by every nation, for every nation, and translated in every language, on the planet."

From Viet Nam to Venezuela Exhibit - Charlie's Angels
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Nicoletta Ceccoli via TokyoBunnie
These are great.

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Ou Chu Jian

Relics (2006)
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L'Arte di Cristina Iotti

La ragazza a pois (2009)
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