Art Links For 10/19/2009

Kyoka Hagihara
These are really some magnificent images of Japanese folklore reminiscent of Yoshitoshi

Hako (Evil spirits of rivers 2004)

Mermaid (2005)

Prostitute (Yorougumo same 2009)

Hell Screen (2003)
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Margaret Brundage
"Margaret Brundage, born Margaret Hedda Johnson (December 9, 1900 April 9, 1976) was an American illustrator and painter who is remembered chiefly for having illustrated the pulp magazine Weird Tales. Working in pastels on illustration board, she created most of the covers for Weird Tales between 1933 and 1938." Amazing stuff.


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Irna Davis
I blogged Irna Davis a few years back, and it's good to know that she is still creating top notch Russian pin-up art with her inkjet printer and watercolor on paper.

Annushka (2009)
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Anatomy of Japanese folk monsters
These are great.

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Lenora Claire's Photostream
You'd definitely notice Lenora even on the streets of LA.

Me spanking myself as Bettie Page
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