Art Links For 10/12/2009

Masaaki Sasamoto
These are outstanding works of art that seem to have strong influences from Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist paintings. I'm adding Masaaki to my favorite living artists.  I had a very hard time trying to select my favorites because there are so many excellent paintings to pick from.

Futari (2009)

Yume (2008)

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Wrong Side of the Art
This site has hundreds of wonderful hi-resolution scans of vintage movie posters, e.g., "horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, trash, adult and B-movies".

Bat Girl (Turkey 1972)

100 Monsters (1968)
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Amrita Sher-Gil
Amrita Shere-Gil was known as India's Frida Khalo and in her short life (she died when she was only 28.) created several masterpieces.  She was strongly influenced by the artwork of Paul Gauguin, and as you can see, she was also a very beautiful woman.  There are more images of her work at the Tate and National Gallery of Modern Arts, New Delhi.

Amrita (1930s)

Self-Portrait (1934)

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Catalogue of Cigarette Rolling Papers via Everlasting Blort
Great eye candy!

Haioe (Turkey)

Egyptien (Turkey)
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