Art Links For 09/21/2009

Longyin Books
Nice eye candy from Taiwan.  Here's a beautiful 2008 calendar from the same company.

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Eugene De Blaas - In The Water via Mica
I love this painting.  More images by De Blass at the ARC and Wikipedia.

In The Water (1914)
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Utagawa Kuniyoshi
These are over 300 images of this Ukiyo-e printmaker.

Woman Walking Through A Noren Curtain
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ArtsConnectEd via Scout Report
Most of the images are from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, but they have a marvelous collection.  Below are three images that I thought were exceptional.

New York City by Louis Faurer (1947)

Untitled by Forman G. Hanna

Persian Woman by Henri Matisse (1926)
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Louis Treserras via Traveling with the Ghost
These are great.

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