Art Links For 09/14/2009

Shirō Kasamatsu
These are some very nice shin hanga prints.  I saw the wonderful "Misty Evening" on the Morikami museum site. 

A Misty Evening: The Shore of Shinobazu Pond (1932)
(Kasumu Yube: Shinobazu Chihan)

Early Spring Tea Ceremony (1932)

Kinokunisaka in the Rainy Season
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Japanese Magazine Covers and Ads via Monster Brains
This Japanese Site has a great collection of vintage magazines and advertisement ephemera This is the main Blog URL I believe.

Hieronymus Bosch-like  S&M Book

Dr. Kazuo Umezu's Shonen Sunday (1969)

Girls Club New Year's (1957)

Journal Castri (1950)
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Sonosheet cover art
These are great too.

Ultra Q
[ ]

Nemiri via Cgunit
I like these.

ZZZZZ (2008)

Untitled (2007)
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Let's Go J-Sound!
Kick out the miso!

The Pinky Chicks
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