Music Video Links For 08/24/2009

Sleepy John Estes - Mailman Blues (1966)
This week I start off with blues legend Sleepy John Estes accompanied on mandolin by Yank Rachel.

Sleepy John Estes
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Bjork - Pagan Poetry (live in Riverside Church New York)
I think Bjork is the greatest performance artist of our times.  I can't even think of anyone who is even close to her great artistic talent.

[ ]

Simple Minds - Don't you (forget about me) (live 1997)
What was your name again? ;-)

Simple Minds
[ ]

Florence & The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
I'm starting to really like these guys and especially Florence.

Florence & The Machine
[ ]

Metric - Help I'm Alive - Acoustic
Here's the un-acoustic version.  I like both versions.

[ ]

志方あきこ (Shikata Akiko) - Luna Piena
This is very easy on the ears.

 Shikata Akiko
[ ]

Kylie Minogue - Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head
Here's her the original video, and the Blue Monday by New Order.  Also, here's Blue Monday by Orgy.  This week's get ready for work music.

Kylie Minogue
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