Art Links For 08/31/2009

Danni Shinya Luo via Nucleus
That's a great drawing.  I want one too!

Death By Sugar
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Aquirax Uno via Pink Tentacle
These are wonderful images from the 1960s in Japan.

Mini Books (1967)
[ ]

Abetz&Drescher via Traveling with the Ghost
These are great and kind of psychedelic too. I love her (below) checkerboard high heels.

[ ]

Kim Joon
This is a very unusual use of images and colors.

bird land-mini cooper (2008)
[ ]

Octopii -- Can't live with em' can't live without 'em
Lotus Green covers the octofish legend of Princess Tamatori (Tide Jewels).  I wonder what Captain Nemo would think of all this octopus/tentacle business?  ;)

[ ]

The Photography of Jaime Ibarra via Cgunit
Nice photography and beautiful models!

[ ]

Savinov Arfistka via Mica
I couldn't find anything out about this artist.  Big Goog seemed quite confused.  Beautiful Klimt-like painting from Russia?

[ ]

Time Machine
PCL is at it again.

Is that Sebastian or Bobby Jindal?
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