Art Links For 08/24/2009

Edward Burne-Jones - Wikipedia and Art Renewal Center
I love his painting of the angel below. The colors and hues are outstanding, plus I'm always a sucker for the Pre-Raphaelite painters.

An Angel Playing a Flageolet
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Xi Pan
I just blogged Xi Pan in July, but she has posted a bunch of 2009 oil paintings.  She also had twins!  I really like the painting below.

Untitled (2009)
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John Bauer
These are wonderful illustrations of Swedish fairytales about Among Gnomes and Trolls.

Tuvstarr is still sitting there wistfully looking into the water (1913)
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Zoe Mozert (1907 1993)
Like I've said many times before, women draw better female nudes than men ever do.

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Ophelia by Arthur Prince Spear via Mica
Nice Ophelia.

Ophelia (1926)
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LPCover Lover via Coisas do arco da velha
This has got to be the most unusual LP cover of all times.  I love it.  Great site.

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Kozyndan via Drawn!

The Shark Charmer
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