Video Links For 07/27/2009

John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom (Solo)
The legendary blues great John Lee Hooker plays his hit Boom Boom Solo in the 1960s on the electric guitar - an organic masterpiece. 

John Lee Hooker
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Captain Beefheart - Abba Zaba [Lyrics]
I love this song by the king (at least the uncle) of art rock - Captain Beefheart.  I just wish there was a video of him and the Magic Band playing it.

Captain Beefheart
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Jackson Browne - Doctor My Eyes [Lyrics]
This is great song from the 70s that still sounds good and relevant for our plastic times.

Jackson Browne
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Kate Bush - Cloudbusting [Lyrics]
This song is a tribute to psychologist Wilhelm Reich and also his son Peter.  The cloudbuster is a device that Reich built that he claimed could make it rain.  Once upon a time, I traveled to Rangeley, Maine and actually visited the museum there and saw the machine.  It's a beautiful part of Maine.

Kate Bush
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Doc Watson - Black Mountain Rag (1991)
Another great performance by Doc Watson.


Doc Watson
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Radiohead - Knives Out
This is a good song from one of the best bands out there.

[ ]

Fall Out Boy - The Take Over, The Breaks Over
I like the guitar playing in this song.

Fall Out Boy
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Perfume - One Room Disco [HQ]
This weeks music to shave by.

[ ]

Bill Maher - New Rules Jul 24, 2009

Bill Maher
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